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For the Fledgling Dominant...

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I don’t need to negotiate every move…

But do need for you to be fully present And pay attention And sometimes put your needs on hold When focus is required.

When you can demonstrate these skills I will feel it…

When you check in I trust more… And release more… And give more…

How deep can you take me? How deep can you take yourself?

Will your excitement distract you? Can you discern between your own fantasies And the reality of the moment? And wait patiently for the right time To blend them into something unexpected And altogether new?

If the waters turn dark Will you loose your nerve? Will the unknown seep in and stifle your confidence?

Resist the urge to pop back up to the surface… To gasp for air & safety… That is the last resort.

We are both here to grow, And expand And fully illuminate the possibilities…

Linger where we are, Or make slight adjustments for comfort Then see where intuition leads…

But make that choice from careful consideration Not reflexive fear or doubt.

I trust you won’t hurt me. I trust you care. I trust you will take care of me… I wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t.

Show me your beauty and power As I show you mine… Feed me And I will nourish you in ways you have never known.

The scale might wobble a little Back & forth But ultimately stays in balance Eventually steadying into place As the exchange becomes forged And fused In passion

The ascension… The explosion… The fall… You catch me And gently guide me back to being… Back to my body… My soul buzzes Safely wrapped in your arms.

My labels & definitions are momentarily silenced. I am without ego I am without programming I am my purest self Laid bare to the world.

And you understand Your power Does not need to be forced Or feigned… That you are most powerful When you are open And flow… You give And receive…

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