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Power & Humility

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

What does that look like-to hold both of those things in balance, at the same time?

What does it FEEL like, in your body, to hold both of those things simultaneously? Not your head. Not your emotions. IN YOUR BODY.

No matter what the power roles are that we might choose in life, this is a universal energy that both grounds and supercharges our endeavors.

It is the yang we need for our yin, and the yin we need for our yang.

How do we practice this on a day to day basis?

How do we learn to embody it fully?

How do we get so used to this feeling, that we feel naked when we get distracted, and loose our grip on it?

This is where I aim to be...this is how I strive to live.

This is what I embody as a Dominant, and what I teach to my submissives.

We make our choices daily on who we show up to be...who are you going to choose today?

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