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"You feel good..."

“You feel good,” he said.

I was naked, of course…sitting on top of him. His hands were running up and down my body. I’m sure in his mind, he was thinking it was the perfect balance of firmness and curves that made his mouth speak those words aloud…

But this is a common occurrence for me-men feeling something that makes them feel good inside…something intangible…comfortable…safe…often paired with some sort of intimacy…and they assume it is about the physical touch, & tactile sensations…the landscape of my body.

Sure, there are *some* instances when they are commenting on the messages that hands and fingertips are sending to the brain, but even then, can they tell the difference between feeling my skin, and feeling my energy? In most instances, it does not seem to be the case…

This is what it feels like during moments of connection. This is what it feels like when the rest of the world falls away for a minute… This is what it feels like to be in the presence of Goddess/God energy. This is what it feels like to see inside your own soul, not with your eyes, but with your heart.

Sometimes I feel it too. Sometimes I don’t. My truth is not your truth, and your’s is not mine. Even if/when a moment is shared, the path after is not. None of this should cause perceptions to change. None of how I feel should dampen what you feel. Just as your feelings, or lack there of, should not influence how I feel.

Sometimes we connect to ourselves through others. Often, actually… Mirrors are everywhere, if we stop long enough to look at the reflections.

“You feel good” really means “I feel good.”

But we don’t allow ourselves to be enough…we need a reason, something external, to justify our love, joy & bliss…or our connection to self.

Sure, my ego inflates thinking I am the cause…my heart may open a little more to drink in the feeling of connection…but if I am being honest, in most instances, I am really just acting as a flat screen to be projected upon.  The feeling originates from within, and is something we choose to let out, or repress, based on whatever checklists we are using to control and shield the things we think need protecting.

I’m glad I help some get a glimpse of what is possible, but you are the one who holds the keys to all the secret, wondrous places within. You do not need to depend on me, or anyone else, to access those places. Once you see/feel/find them, know that those places are yours, and yours alone. No matter how long I am in your life…no matter how long anyone else is in your life…no matter how relationships change over time…the places within that connect you to SELF are constant, and always there. Never make that dependent on another…

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