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What does abundance actually *feel* like?

This is a recent journal entry, but one I wanted to share here. This is another one of those things that I feel like the Laws of Attraction attempts to convey, but misses... The approach outlined in Rhonda Byrne's work seems to favor trying to hack, or short cut, access to abundance by training the body chemicals using thought. But when thought is often attached to ego, the pitfall ends up being entanglement there, and a challenge of sustainability. It's not quite going deep enough to the awareness behind the ego, which has a different somatic response. I hope this helps others understand and find the abundance that is available to us all. <3

What does the body feel like when it is open to receive? How are my bones aligned? How are my muscles carrying my weight? How does my mind frame my thoughts?

These are the telltale signs of how ready we are to receive all that is available.

Often we *want* in our mind and thoughts, eliciting an emotional response that feels like something that comes from our soul… But it is a false perception, thinking those strong emotions equate to what our soul is open or ready to receive. When there is strong emotional attachment to our desires, that is not a soul-driven need, but one born from ego…something very hard to recognize behind the intensity and certainly it can feel like sometimes...sometimes even making us believe we need certain things as a part of our very survival. (“If I don’t have X, I will die...never be happy…” etc.) Yet once we get these emotionally-driven needs met, the payoff is usually fleeting, and it often wasn’t the answer we hoped it would be. Our search for contentment continues…

When we are truly ready to receive what we need, want and seek, emotion is not at the forefront, neither in our minds nor in how we feel those needs in our body. When we clear the way for the authentic expression of the soul, we don’t need to remind ourselves of our list of desires, and we don’t stress about timelines for manifestation. There are gifts in each day, and when we focus on the gifts of the present moment, and what we align with that day, we realize that all things come exactly when they are meant to.

We can’t control abundance, only prepare for it, and open ourselves to receive. The more we attempt (or believe) we have control, the more we miss the point. The only control we have, over anything, is of our own domain. Everything starts from within, at our core, and flows out from there. Our core energy, strength, and foundation shapes everything around us. If we have not done the internal work to be open to receive, abundance will always be hindered from reaching its full potential. How that work is done is a personal journey, one that each person must discover in their own time, but this is where we ready to soil that invites what seeds get planted in our lives. The more we work to improve the quality of our soil, the more we find new types of plants that are able to thrive and grow.

And our soil, our garden where we plant these seeds, lies inside the vessel we were born into… Our bodies do more than eat, sleep, and breathe. Our bodies are the meters that give us feedback, and if we are paying close enough attention, give us all the info we need to support our health and happiness. And when we are open to receive, that feels different than the longing and desires of our ego.

Do you know the difference? What does abundance actually feel like for you in your body, free from emotion or ego?

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