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The Art of Intimacy

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

There is a beautiful art to creating intimacy.  Each new relationship is like a fresh canvas, with no two paintings looking alike.  The colors we pick…the strokes…the use of light or dark…  It is a collaboration that creates something unique.  How much each is willing to contribute dictates the depths we reach in that creation.  

Each time you leave, the painting stops.  The brushes are cleaned, and paints put away.  In the space in between, elaborations or new ideas flicker in the mind.  Each time you return, we pick up where we left off, adding color and texture.  Progress is only made when we dip  the brush and apply it to the canvas…

Some paintings transform into powerful masterpieces.  Some lay dormant, and go into storage-frameworks of possibility that never come to fruition.  Some lead to a new insight, and the start of a fresh canvas.

artist's studio

Our world is colored by the art we make for ourselves.  When we see our soul reflected back, it gives comfort, and confidence.  It takes patience, and practice, to refine the skills of creation.  It takes courage to share the art that is inside you.  That art is also where intimacy lies as well…

Do not confuse intimacy with romantic love.  Romance can be a part of intimacy, but to force it into that box, those conventional definitions, is like copying another painting and trying to say it’s your own.  Be bold, and think outside the box: that is where art is born, in all it’s beautiful complexity.

Banksy graffiti art
One Original Thought Worth a Thousand Quotings - Banksy

We are all the artists of our own lives.  What type of paintings are on display? What canvases are you most proud of? When you have collaborated, which pieces were the most fulfilling?  What art have you left undone, and why? Which one’s feel like a portal straight to the core of your mind, heart and soul? What art is still inside you, and has yet to be painted?

The canvas is waiting for your next great masterpiece…  What will you decide to paint today?

man with paints, artist self-portrait
Sir David Wilke - self portrait

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