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"What do you do?"

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

*this post was updated from it's original version for application to much broader context then when I at the time I first wrote it on my Wordpress blog

In today's current climate, with new forms of censorship extending it's reach well beyond stated purposes, it can be challenging to communicate what my service is about, let alone find those who are like-minded in approach and intent. In earlier times, many used message boards and reviews to share information and get feedback on things like service and performance. I opted out of that game long before censorship issues started to arise, but the current conditions make it even more challenging to share aspects about what I do... Hopefully some of this will help give a sense of some basic points about me, namely:

  • my focus areas of service

  • how I operate differently than others in my same general field

  • how I value integrity, privacy & discretion

Things I don't do:

  • Text message of any sort for work

  • Store any personal information on clients after the date is over*

  • Initiate contact with clients (except to those who sign up for my newsletter)

  • Offer more/different services for more money. The boundaries that are set with each person have nothing to do with money paid.

  • Share private correspondences with others, even if all of your personal information is removed.

  • Ask for gifts, loans, or tips.  True generosity is organic, and free from pressure or expectation.

  • Use someone’s emotional state, insecurities or loneliness to manipulate attachment or loyalty. My hope is that my honesty, integrity and the sincerity of my words and actions keep you coming back (as well as my other attributes…xoxo).

  • Gossip, disparage others, talk about politics or divisive topics.  My path involves pushing to expand and evolve everyday, not stay stuck in negative or an unproductive conversations during our precious time together.

*exception is only if someone harmed me, or is a serious threat to myself or others

Daphne Dixon, DanceWithDaphne, monokini, swimsuit
Balance & good health are mainstays of my lifestyle

What I do:

  • Take pride in what I do, in all aspects of my life.

  • Respect others boundaries in regards to safety, personal preferences, & discretion

  • .Adapt to different clients in different ways to find the balance in our energy and mutual preferences.

  • Develop long term relationships with those special friends that share connections on deeper levels. <3 <3 <3

  • Gently steer friends away from any dangerous emotional attachments with love & honesty-I show a different model for how to honor those feelings and not get “lost” in them! xoxo

  • Take time to take care of myself, and enrich my life in ways that keep me grounded-providing consistency that helps to create stress free interactions.  

  • Appreciate those trying to learn more about themselves, and who trust me enough to share some of their vulnerabilities.

  • Offer a free phone consultation after basic screening to discuss mutual interests more, and get a sense of our shared interests.

  • Write about and discuss topics of interest relevant to my work on my blog and discussion forum.

  • Enjoy the variety of people I meet, and all the various perspectives people operate from (even though I may choose to not see some people if we do not have enough in common).

For more information, please check out my FAQ section, or send a polite inquiry via email.

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