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Welcoming Pleasure (#twitterthreads)

This is the first post from a new series I am going to be starting: #twitterthreads. I frequently post threads that are a part of my morning stream of consciousness that are too good to be buried under new posts. I know that all of you have other things to do besides scroll social media all day also, so can miss things that don't get constantly retweeted to gain exposure (because that is not generally my M.O....) I am transferring some of them over here, and hope you enjoy them (with the ability to also read them more easily in this layout). Please note: some images have been replaced from the original thread to keep this website more friendly for viewers.

For me, there is no denying Pleasure once She has arrived at my doorstep. No matter what time of day, or what other chores I may be wrapped up in, I invite Her in. Turn Her away, and She might learn to avoid your house...

The thing is *how* we invite Her in, & how much space we let Her inhabit. This can, & should, vary. Where am I? Who else am I with? What am I doing at the moment, or what am I getting ready to do? All of these things contribute 2 how I invite Her in & where I put Her once inside

We don't always have to let Her have the run of the house. Sometimes it is best to invite Her in, & thank Her for the visit, but put Her in the parlor with some tea & magazines until you can give Her proper attention. Focused attention. Intentional attention.

Because waiting for the right moment, creating the right space, and giving Her proper attention brings out so much more than any hurried conversation...

The depths of life, & people, (and ourselves) are only found when we take our time, and allow space for silence to settle in. When talking becomes less, & the doing becomes more... When flow takes over...

In other times, Pleasure arrives more subtly...more like a child or puppy tugging at your hem. Just looking to be acknowledged and included in the moment. Do not dismiss their importance in our lives... If we ignore those opportunities, they learn to stop visiting.

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