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The Jewels of Deja Vu

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

What do you think about after? After the secret encounter, with that special someone who currently holds your attention…  Besides the laughter, the passion, and the intimacy…besides the flashes of images that create flutters and aching down below…Where does your mind go from there?


Do you keep your  thoughts firmly entrenched in the memories, or do you dive deeper to connect with things that stir within?  Do you see those flashes of light pulsing just below the surface, tempting you to enter the dark waters and find them?  Do you take the bait?

Sometimes we turn away from them.  That’s ok. You will go deeper when you are ready. Only you will know when that time is…

For the more experienced explorers, you may not have as many temptations beckoning.  Those that have done a fair amount of self-exploration may be on plane that  allows them to just be in the moment, accepting and fluctuating between various parts of themselves, and appreciating those moments without any attachments calling to them.

But sometimes in those flashbacks and daydreams, there are flickering pulses that feel familiar, almost like deja vu.  Those lures are messages that come from within.*

Some are the kind where you crave to find and pull the string…  You know it leads somewhere you want to go, and that when you get there, it will all come back to you.  This is where our deep memories and truths are, and reminds us that we have a “home” that is always in us. These stirrings can be a reminder that, no matter how busy or distracting life gets, we still need to swing by and check in at “home” every once in awhile.

But sometimes that familiar feeling is unsettling, and might be trying to remind you of why it’s time to push forward, or evolve on something…  Maybe you’ve already been down this path, but it hasn’t fully clicked that you’ve come upon an impasse.  It might be time for something different, or to take something to the next level, but habit sometimes lead us back to paths we walked before.  This is a gentle reminder that it’s time to consider what paths we are walking and why, or how we might choose some steps different in the future.

No matter what kind of reflection it brings, it all leads to learning more, and reinforcing the direction we are meant to go. And this is what I strive to give-the gifts that defy modern conventions, and stretch well beyond any amount of time we spend together. They are of helping others find the treasures that lie within.

*not to be confused with external messages from society or others. Learning to distinguish between internal and external messages is important in balancing true self-discovery against real world pressures and conditioning. 

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