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The Importance of Rituals

Why are rituals important? What makes something a ritual vs. a routine?

Routines, IMO, are the things you sort of do on autopilot....

Rituals have presence and attention, and are connected to purpose.

I might make my bed everyday. But if I do that, not thinking about what I am doing, it means nothing. On the other hand, if I make my bed, giving gratitude to it for the rest I got last night, and the place of healing it provides, the feelings and presence invoked creates a different pathway in my brain. I connect with gratitude. I connect with reverence and appreciation. This helps me connect with those things throughout the rest of my day, including in moments that might seem challenging otherwise.

This practice, and others like it, provide the framework for attention and awareness that keeps us centered in self, and more aware of our surroundings. When we build those skills, we can access what surrounds us, and is available at all times, more easily. This helps us stay anchored in ourselves when difficult times arise, as they always do… When we have already carved those pathways out, they are easier to find and continue.

Do you currently practice rituals to help you center and ground in yourself, and your purpose? What are some of your go-to tools in your toolbox?

Some of my rituals:

  • Daily gratitude practice

  • Body scan, inventory of how body feels

  • Energy work/ balance (reiki, crystals)

  • Breathwork, meditation

  • Self hug

  • Connection with regular self-care routines to ritualize: brushing teeth, making food, eating (see below on how to connect as a ritual)

  • Yoga

  • Journaling

  • Smudging self, environment

  • Lighting candles

  • Soaking in Epsom salts, aromatherapy

  • Massage therapy

  • Cleaning house, deep cleaning, energy clearing room

  • Reducing clutter and items I no longer use-donating/pay it forward

  • Gardening, yard work

  • Dancing

  • Date night with self

  • Cooking or baking

If “sitting” for meditation is difficult, try making regular routines into rituals, and a form of meditation. This is done when we stay fully present and aware during the routine, and connect with the intention behind it:

  • Brushing teeth (healthy teeth/gums, self-care, good health)

  • Bathing/shower (cleanse, renew)

  • Lotion body/self-massage (self-care, healthy skin)

  • Picking clothes for the day (what energy do I want to share with the world today? How to I want to project or protect my energies?)

  • Fixing breakfast (nourishment, good health)

  • Vitamins (giving body everything it needs to be strong & healthy)

  • Working out, running (inner chant/incantations about building strength/endurance)

  • Setting intention for sleep when you get in bed (rest, renewal, revitalize)

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