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sX Goddess

Ass up, face down…

A thin layer of sweat

mixes with the lotion soaked into my skin…

His hand starts at the top of my hump

slowly sliding over my low back and waist,

savoring the sensation of my skin,

feeling the firmness of my muscles

and curves

as it tracks down (up?) my back.

The rhythmic dance

between cock and pussy


Another sits and strokes his own fire.

He joins.

He watches.

He utters an approval when I mount,

slowly descend,

and eventually engulf,

the other’s cock in my ass.  

He loves to see my pleasure…

and I love being watched.

Me? I consume it all…

All the energy in that room

I suck it in

and use it

to feed my own building energy.

I am fueled.

I am inspired.

I am emboldened.

I am replenished.

I take every orgasm I want

each one building on the last.

I recycle it, and give it back.  

I own my greed,

but I share it also.


The time was full, but fleeting in the grand scheme…

Life always is.

The charge of the connection,

and  the experience,

might settle and wane…

but it never leaves.

It is a part of me now.

It is a part of all of us now,

in different ways,

as seen through our own lens.

I am open.

I am connected.

I am free…

I am grateful.

I am infinite.

I am Goddess.

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