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Slow & Subtle

There is an art in being able to slow down, and pay attention to the art, and an education. I was thinking about this last weekend, as I lead a newer lover on a journey past his finish line...showing him how wrong he was about where that line actually resides...

In the wordless waves of those continued explorations, we learn new things about each other...we learn new things about ourselves. We connect to an energy & understanding that can't be taught, or manufactured: it's all instinct. It's all another part of our primal nature, elevated by our conscious one.

I thought about this again last night as I explored my own body alone... I routinely incorporate self-massage into other acts of self care, like yoga or soaking in the tub. This is a great time to practice slow, deliberate touch, and really get to know your body better. I mean, we live in these things our whole lives, but how many of us can say we are truly familiar with every part of our bodies? Not only what we look or feel like on the exterior, but what we find when we start deepening our touch, and finding different layers of muscle...and what that feels like to our fingers, as well as all the other things that become engaged?

cave explorer
Explorations and expeditions are waiting right in our own bodies

I'm starting to learn how I can release deeper levels of tension and blocks on myself, both physically and energetically. In the tub, after soaking for a bit to relax my muscles, I start massaging what calls my immediate attention. Maybe it's my feet... Maybe it's my hips or low

back. Maybe it is my neck or a shoulder... But I start there, in the place that pulls me first, and most immediately. From there, I let my body tell me where I go next.

As I start, I think the care is only required there. As I continue, I find the threads that connect and affect so much more...

I knead some areas... I dig the tips of my thumbs into others. I use my fingertips to map the current topography of my body, above and below my own sea level....

I think of it this way also, how the fibers, bones, pulses and soft spots all are a secret world much like the secret world that exists underwater in our vast oceans and seas... We LIVE in this body, but how well do we really know it??

coral reef, scuba diver
We sometimes forget how vast the world is underwater...below the surface of where we live

After releasing some tension in my legs, hips, waist, solar plexus, and chest, the lesson continued...

I could tell you how, but I would rather show you... ;-)

May you always keep exploring, and finding new depths within. <3

Daphne Dixon - meditation, tantra, healing, education
Life coaching, energy work, luxury companion

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