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Updated: May 3, 2022

The fire within purifies the soul.

Cultivated properly it eliminates disease and stagnation, and invites new growth.

It clears the way for our truth to manifest.

It starts where everything starts: The-Place-of-All-Creation.

All things are born from there.

Build, Observe & Modify Your attention & intention matters.

Feel the Growth Recognize & show gratitude as it spreads throughout your being.

Find the hidden doorways to Places-You’ve-Never-Been…

Why else are we here? To run on the hamster wheel? To multiply, & reproduce And never fully cultivate the Original Model?

The results of our creations directly relates to the Quality of Source.

Purification is a process… Purification takes work. Purification takes PATIENCE… Purification takes dedication.

We are all Pure. We are all pure source waiting to be revealed…

Light the fire Clear the dead energy Invite new growth

When you start to see What Is Possible you will find The-Answers-You’ve-Been-Waiting-For...

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