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Paths of Pleasure

Oh sweet pulse Racing through my body Fueling every cell Every nerve To engage in this moment

To open myself and accept Is to honor that gift with true gratitude

The current that runs through my body builds Becoming more sensitive and aware Portals are opened Some are familiar… But some are places I haven’t seen in awhile Or are rare And sometimes they are places I’ve never been…

It fills me with a sweet intoxication Of wonder Of knowing Of being both large and small Of being filled with immense power and energy

I allow it all to flow through me Silently, but not passively, observing

I let it take it’s own path for the most part Feeding what needs to be fed Revitalizing and energizing anything that is depleted Releasing and healing any toxins or build up

Certainly some currents can be channeled Concentrated Intensified Occasionally causing explosions of bliss In those moments, we get a quick glimpse If we are paying attention… To the larger constructs

Pleasure is a natural elixir An important piece to the puzzle An infinite fountain to drink from The more we access it, The more we create pathways To return and expand

Pleasure is not just indulgent-it’s growth We have been trained to repress it To feel guilty about it To only allow it under certain circumstances This prevents us from understanding its full potential and power This prevents us from understanding OUR full potential and power…

We have been given this gift for a reason Do you honor it? Squander it? Lock it in a box? Try to control it? Only let it out on special occasions? The answer helps shape the direction of our lives…

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