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Mosaics of What Once Was

Let go of your past, they say…

Don’t let the things that have happened before dictate your future.

It sounds so easy...just flip a switch...out go the lights…

No more past

No more memories

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

And yes, it’s about that surreal…

When we are transitioning

Heeding that advice

Familiarity can be replaced by fear

And uncertainty

As we create something new

No past means no frame of reference.

There is good and bad with that

(as it is with everything…)

No foundation

Even if that foundation was built on unstable pillars

It was still *something* to stand on…

Before you can let go of the past, you must find a new foundation...

A foundation within.

No one tells you how important this step is…

Without it, you might as well be flying

Through the air on a trapeze

Without a net

Foundations are important. They create stability

And therefore safety…

Yes, you can tear it all down and rebuild from the ground up

But that is often dramatic & traumatic

Not just to self, but to others around you…

Sometimes it can’t be helped

But more often it can…

Making the transitions a little easier

More mindful

Giving greater permanence

In the footholds of patience

Once you have a fresh platform

Only THEN is it time to start breaking from the past

And breaking patterns of the past…

Breaking all the old china and pottery of what once was

The chipped, cracked, mismatched patterns

The things that are no longer suitable to serve from

That no longer match the full service

Smash them into smithereens…

But be discerning with each assessment!

Some things are worth holding on to…

Some things still have value...perhaps more so

When freed from being forced to match a full set.

And these familiar pieces

Further bolster the new foundation

With the wisdom of the past…

Because the past does have things of value to hold on to

But knowing how to determine what’s worth saving

Is a Black Art…

A subjective art…

(just as art always is…)

We all are artists

We all are creating art

In every brushstroke and color choice of our lives…

So we have our foundation…

Our valuable pieces from the past…

And then we demolish the rest!

This is how we let go of the past with intention.

This is how we fly with a net.

This is how we can whole-heartedly and unflinchingly demolish what no longer serves us.


In the dust

A glimmer of something...a sliver of the past...catches our eye

It is no longer what it once was

But now, no longer defined the same

It takes new life

The parts that resonate

Freed from the parts that stifled it’s beauty...

These parts can be used too

Again, giving familiarity to the foundation

Helping create stability...

As we gather other, newer pieces

As the mosaic of old and new takes shape,

Something unique is created

And in it we see

And honor

Parts of our past

There will always be a place for

What Once Was

In the brushstrokes, and in

What Is Today

As well as in the vision of

What Will Be

Everything serves a purpose

In the mosaics of our lives

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