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Learning Our Languages

There will never be a point when I will know

every language that other humans speak.

Even if I learn a lot…



there will always be a new version,

a new person I meet,

with a unique history and perspective

like no one else I’ve ever met.

And each time the sun starts to rise

on the conversation…

the moment…

the possible relationship developing…

I am again starting a new education

and studying a new subject…

to learn about them

and learn about me.

As much as I may know,

there is more I still don’t…

and it will always be that way.

I am here to share what I know,

listen and learn your language,

help you uncover your deeper needs,

and hopefully help you bring them

fully into the light.

It is a dance we share

through the many ways we speak to each other

beyond mere words…

It is the language of the heart & soul…

and the longings we all have inside...

each cloaked in different forms of expression,

but all sharing common goals:



Full actualization of what lies within…

These are the same goals in my own soul…

These are the longings we all share.

How we find them will be different,

but the destination is the same.

Learning our own language helps us carve out those paths

and find our way...

Learning others' languages helps us evolve our own.

We must have the vocabulary,

and the tools,

to navigate the roads ahead,

and do the job well.

Each excursion is a chance to evolve those skills…

Each adventure gives us clues to the next step

on our own personal treasure map.

Each interaction gives the chance to learn another language,

from another unique perspective,

and understand more…

The School of Life is never finished...

there is always more to learn.

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