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Keys to Narnia

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

I’m curious by nature…precocious really…  From my earliest childhood memories and experiences, I have sought to explore beyond the obvious.  I grasped early on the magic in being aware of my own consciousness and having a sense of my own soul, and how BIG all that is even though it’s encapsulated in my individual life that is but a grain of sand, among other grains of sand, on a vast beach, of an endless ocean shore…

Evolution has given us certain abilities.  Science has shown us there are always reasons for these transformations.  Changes in the natural world around us cause a ripple effect of adaptation.  As humans, we have developed certain capabilities for a reason…what are they? Why have they developed? What do we do with these gifts we have been given, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?  Are we using them, or squandering them?  Do we use only some, but not others?  Why or why not?  Do we let the mundane and everyday distract us from developing some of these gifts? What do we fear, or why do we neglect their full potential?     

Our minds…our amazing, powerful minds are a portal to Narnia.  How we unlock the portal, and what we are able to access, depends on how much we learn about our own unique labyrinth.  As we make our way through the maze, we will find smaller access points that give us a glimpse of more…  Each time we unlock those smaller doors, more keys are found to unlock other pathways in the future.

Sometimes we can get clues of how to find our keys from others, but ultimately we must remember that no two journeys are the same.  Yes, we learn from each other, and sharing resources and information is necessary for stimulation and growth.  But it is only through developing our own instincts, and faith in our own abilities, that we will access certain gateways.  There are no shortcuts.  Skipping steps will limit what keys you have at your disposal, but also it will cheat you out of all the glorious vistas to see along the way…  

Evolution has given us access to magical spaces of infinite scope.  I can’t tell you the secret code for your doorways to the beyond…I can only tell you that if you keep collecting clues and keys, you will keep finding doors to open.  Find them…find your beauty and glory beyond your ability to make money and provide for others…beyond possessions, or social status.  Revel in a bliss that, once seen, will never be out of reach again.

In love & light,

Daphne <3

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