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We seek magic messages

Telling us what to do

when we already know what to do…

Telling us what to believe

when we already know the truth.

What we see in the cards, crystals, leaves...

are reflections of what is already in us.

But the skill is in the discernment...

1st layers, & 1st impressions, have messages

But what what message is it?

If we attach to first impressions,

we miss greater depths

and greater truths...

The first impression is only the surface truth.

To understand it fully, one must go deeper...

Everything (and everyone) has layers,

and history, to understand...

how the shapes before you were made.

To see art clearly, one must move around

and shift perspective...

see it from all angles

to see how the light moves through it

and against it.

It’s only after a good study

that we begin to understand...

Those first impressions...

in the spread before you...

the bottom of the cup...

or in your dreams...

they are just the surface response.

What happens when you sit with those thoughts, & explore them more?

What happens when you start to trust the pathways that present themselves for further thought & feeling?

What happens when you start to trust the deeper truths that unfold? What happens when you learn you have more layers than you realized?

What happens when you start to trust that you know what you are doing?

What happens when you realize the truth has been in you all along?

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