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"Can Johnny come out and play?"

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

adult man dressed in boys clothes
It's ok to shed your responsibilities as an adult & act like a kid again

I am a huge (make that YUGE! Bigly!! lol) advocate of embracing our inner child.  So often we are taught to put away certain parts of ourselves as we get older.  We have to take  life more seriously.(!)  No more grab-assing…no more play, unless it is the sanctioned grown up kind.  In stifling the inner child, we sacrifice an important part of the creative process, of improvisation, and of fully being present in our play like we used to do so easily when we were kids.  This is one of the areas where flow-state can happen, but this is also where we learn about the things we enjoy.  Embracing play, and the inner child, helps us satisfy hungers we have been ignoring and suppressing for usually decades.

Will Farrell, Elf, child-like man eating breakfast
Being silly & trying new things are ways we tap into creativity

When we role play, we embrace our inner child.

When we turn down the part of our brain that makes us hesitate, question, doubt, and self-judge, we are embracing our inner child.

When we fully connect with our other play partners, and become in tune and synergize with their actions and emotions, we are embracing our inner child.

When we allow ourselves the ability to experience pure bliss, and the entirety of the moment, we are embracing our inner child.

It is only when we are able to be in touch will all parts of ourselves that we are able to become the best version we all strive to be.  Not the best version of what others try to mold us into, but the calling from within about what our best self truly is.

human anatomy chart
If a part of our physical body is missing, it may be harder (not impossible) to be the best version of ourselves. What happens if part of our mental & emotional selves is ignored or missing?

It's important to find time to let that inner child out to play, and in whatever manner works best for you. My preference includes (but is not limited to) the bedroom…xoxo

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