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Atheists Need Not Apply

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Before we begin

Before you show Me who you are

And I show you what you are made of

I get centered in Myself

Each choice will be deliberate

Each movement crafted

For your unraveling…

The unraveling that reveals the soul

My power comes

Not through the purpose of the crop

But your willingness to surrender

To Me…

To the moment…

To your deepest fears...

Everyone’s buttons are different.

Everyone’s longing, the same.

My power comes

In this basic understanding.


If you are praying in My Church

If I have accepted you as a servant or disciple

I will keep My own center


As I help you find your’s


We all need a reason...

A Diety

A Goddess or God

To start us on the journey…

A reason beyond ourselves

On the journey to ourselves

But the greater journeys

Are the ones yet to come.

True faith is revealed in



And growth

If you are at My feet, I have chosen to pray with you

To take your confession

Absolve your sins

And perhaps, baptize you in your own tears

These rituals I give only to true believers

I spend time and effort preparing

The alter,

The sermon,

And Myself

To offer Myself

And be taken as fantasy

Is blasphemy

It depletes My soul, and drains My light

To engage false believers

And fraudulent prayers are never answered anyway...

This communion is only offered to the true believers

Atheists need not apply.

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