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A New Kind of Love

This is published as it flowed-no corrections or change

You are not required to take care of me

As I am not required to take care of you.

We each have our own lives to live

And I want to include you in it

But I want to include others

And I want you to include others…

I know I can not give you everything you need

Just as you could never give me everything I need…

I choose you as a “want”

Not dependent on “need”

I know I am enough on my own

I’m actually more than enough…I’m magic.

You bring your magic, and I’ll bring mine…

I welcome every chance to share,




And feel…

And I release any expectation

Of those moments meaning anything more

The moment is  the only thing that counts

Not before

Not after

It’s a new kind of love

Free and true

A new kind of love

Me and you

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