How To Meet Me

Update 5/24/21: I got my second Pfizer dose 4/7/21, and am now seeing other fully vaccinated friends, established or new. I appreciate that some may decide vaccination is not the right choice for them. I will unfortunately not be able to see unvaccinated clients. Thank you for understanding & respecting my safety protocols and preferences.

In-person consultations have a 2 hour minimum*, and include meeting location as well as necessary amenities. My rates reflect my experience and expertise, as well as the specialized service and care I provide.


Extended sessions are welcomed and encouraged by my generous package options. The password to access my rate options are presented to those who reach out with thoughtful introductions


Please note: that I ignore inquiries that lack substance by default, as this shows from the onset we have different mindsets about what we are each doing, and that my service is not for you.


I do not tour, and cater to the location needs and schedules of my exclusive client list. Deposits are always required to secure meetings, unless/until we become close enough for me to say otherwise.    

I have a *minimum* 72 hours notice for booking, but may require longer lead time depending upon my schedule.  I do not offer same day or last minute meetings. I serve Chicago and the entire Great Lakes region, including any city in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana.

Exclusive travel service or intensives are available for extended packages + airfare. Contact me for more details if you are outside the Great Lakes region and wish to bring me to your city.