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Women share a special bond...  We understand each other in ways men often don't. And even though we may love and/or prefer men in certain roles in our lives, we can often long for the understanding and connection that can only be found with another woman. 

Some women have only dreamed of having a special relationship with another woman...  Some have tasted the sweet delights of a special friendship, and know what they want and need.  No matter what your experience level, my genuine love and reverence for female energy can provide the comfort and care you seek.

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat
Enjoying the Sunset

You've already shared so much...but you are ready to share more. You seek the skills and expertise to help guide you on this part of your journey together. 

You have come to the right place!

I have decades of experience helping couples expand their connection together, in ways that honor individual experience levels as well as any concerns in exploring these new territories.


In traditional cis-gendered heterosexual couples, my approach is focused on the needs and interests of the woman. Please see my FAQ section for more information on scheduling. 

Other pairings...

I welcome inquiries from any gender pairings. Diversity, and sharing exploration or education with another friend provides stimulation well beyond our session together, and is an opportunity for bonding in non-traditional ways. 

The same flat rate packages apply in all 2 person sessions: x1.5 my normal one on one fees. Please submit full screening details of BOTH parties to start coordinating a meeting. 

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