Welcome to the dance...

As a student of life, and a woman who has always followed the flow of my own path, I have lived a life many can only dream of…  I have traveled, loved, and explored the things and places most people wish they had the time and courage to experience in life. Each dance has left me with a rich life experience, and has departed a special type of wisdom you can’t buy with money, or learn in a text book. It is the experience of living life to its fullest, and a gift I share with select friends.


Along the way I have acquired a variety of skills, from various occupations I have held and received training in. I have always been drawn to work that is nurturing, creative, and ties in to deeper understanding of the human condition.


Other skills I learned the old-fashioned way… ;-) Life is about living after all, and if we are paying attention, gives us many opportunities to learn and grow.


I combine all of these skills to provide a unique experience that is holistic, organic, and fully engaged.  My strong foundation and focus on emotional intelligence allows for deep exploration within the safety of appropriate boundaries, bolstered by honesty and integrity.


The clientele I work with appreciate how experience brings depth to our relationships, and provide greater results beyond the superficial. Before agreeing to meet, I will schedule a free phone consultation to make sure we are like-minded, and have the same goals in mind. I prefer to keep a small circle of friends, so am discerning on who I agree to meet with. One’s ability to pay does not guarantee access to my service.

Remote Support

Email, text, phone, video

In current times, not everyone can meet face to face for coaching or exploration. Email me for package options on these alternatives.

Lifestyle Consultant/Life Coach

Holistic support, guidance & nurturing

Sometimes you just need an outside observer to help find yourself... I'm here to help you set new goals on living a richer, more rewarding life, and reach them!

Professional Companion

Dinner dates, travel companion, confidante

Humans need companionship... We are wired with the need to connect. I have the confidence, conversation skills, & charm to stimulate your brain, connect with your soul, & warm your heart. 

Energy Work

Treatments, instruction, & education

In a world full of challenges, chaos and struggles, we all need practice on how to stay connected to self. My approach is always geared towards your level of interest & accessibility.

Power Exchange

Negotiated, consensual explorations of power & control

For those seeking to relinquish control for a set amount of time, or those seeking more dedicated service. Sessions negotiated in advance of appointment via phone consultation.